Risk-Based CUI-management

Corrosion under Insulation is a degradation mechanism that occurs in insulated pipes and appliances in the temperature range of approximately 0 to 150 degrees C. It is a difficult phenomenon to control because the locations where it occurs are difficult to detect. Also, the rate of degradation is dependent on many factors and difficult to predict. Corrective action is on average necessary after 20 – 30 years of operation, the spread is wide and it is one of the major threats to the existing assets of our industry today. CUI occurs in the entire global process industry, but is not limited to it. Potentially, the degradation of steel pipes and other equipment by CUI can lead to major incidents due to loss of integrity. Billions of expensive corrective measures are taken to prevent this.


This site comprises a self-assessment tool for risk based CUI management, with the next features:

  • All enclosed data are anonymized in order to share results without sharing your identity nor relating anyones results to their company
  • Your results can be compared to other results in order to facilitate benchmarking
  • Filling in should take less than 1 hour when you are familiar with the concept of the best practise for risk based CUI management and/or the management principles as incorporated in the ISO High Level Structure (applied in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 55001 etc.)
  • You can send an Email to: info@worldclassmaintenance.com or look for additional information on www.wcmvector.com by searching on CUI.

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